3 Reasons Why to UV Coat instead of Laminate

UV Coating equipment has a higher capital cost than does laminating equipment, however there are 3 key benefits to UV coating over laminating:


  1. The speed of a UV coater is up to 130 feet per minute versus upwards of 10 feet per minute on a laminator.
  2. The cost per sheet when UV coating is in the range of $0.005 versus $0.25 for a laminated piece.
  3. No need to slit or trim off any excess when UV Coating. With lamination to encapsulate we have an overhang of .25”-1” on each side of the product that will need to be removed in order to ship a finished product to the customer. UV can easily be cured then taken to the paper cutter, folder etc and delivered in the finished size.


It is important to analyze within your workflow these three key benefits of UV Coating. If you are a canditate for UV coating certainly one of our technical sale people and we can assist you in analyzing if a UV Coater is the right fit for you.