Do I need to print a registration mark on every sheet?

Yes, the registration mark is used to stage and time the precise moment when the paper enters into the cutting cylinders.

How much pressure do I apply to the pressure gauges above the cylinders?

You only want to apply enough pressure so that you get a clean cut and no more. If you apply excess pressure above what is needed to get a clean cut you can shorten the life of the die.

Can you create boxes or packaging with the Dyna-Cut?

Yes, the folds in the packaging is created by what is referred to as a tri-cut. This type of cut allows the substrate to be bent without cracking.

How thick of substrate can be cut with the Dyna-Cut?

We have successfully tested up to 435 GSM or 21pt. Additionally, higher GSM is possible but will need to be tested on an application-by-application basis.

Can the Dyna-Cut run laminated pieces?

Yes, cutting through laminate can be achieved with a die that is specially designed to cut laminated pieces.

Is the stripping mechanism standard with the Dyna-Cut?

Yes, the stripper mechanism and the conveyor table come standard with the die cutter.

What is the recommended spacing between cut pieces when stripping?

The recommended gutter measurement between the pieces is .25’’.

What is the warranty on the Dyna-Cut?

As with all Count products, the warranty for the Dyna-Cut is the industry’s best, 3 years mechanical and 3 years electrical.