Why is my lamination speckled (silvering)?

Although most common in Cold applications, Silvering may also occur in Thermal applications. First make certain the problem is not contamination. Dust and dirt are prevalent in most environments.

If using Thermal film the cause is an incomplete adhesive melt. Recommend a slower speed allowing more time for a full melt.

If using Pressure Sensitive (Cold) film, silvering is basically trapped air that will dissipate on it's own as the adhesive flows and cures. This will generally take 24 - 72 hours.

Another cause is the image, such as inkjet, not being properly cured. If using Cold film, uncured ink may give the appearance of silvering, however it will never dissipate. If using Thermal film it will likely "gas/bubble" rather than "silver".

TipA small amount of heat (up to a maximum 110F) when running Cold films improves the adhesive flow and eliminates silvering. This is referred to as "Heat-Assist".

Caution: Even a small amount of heat will soften vinyl laminates, allowing them to stretch. Heat-assist is only recommended for polyester, polycarbonate and/or extra thick vinyl laminates.