What is the purpose of an IR lamp for UV coating?

Customers with hard-to-coat applications will want to opt for the Infrared Heating System. The infrared unit is designed for printers that incorporate fuser oil in the printing process thus making it difficult to coat its printouts.


The residue left on the printouts from the printing process of certain printers make it very slick. The UV coating cannot properly adhere to the slick surface so the infrared unit heats up the printouts allowing a much stronger bond between the UV Coating and the sheet.


Customers wanting the best possible finish will opt for the Infrared Heating System as well. The heating of the UV Coating lowers the viscosity allowing it to flow easier over the surface of the sheet. This effect results in a more even and smoother coating. The finished sheet will appear significantly smoother and glossier.


Do I need and IR Lamp?

The Infrared Heating System can be used with all printers to maximize gloss and quality of finish. Duplo highly recommends the system be used with the following printers:

Canon - All printers

Konica Minolta - All Printers

Xerox - Printers using EA toner


Coatings applied to applications printed on the above mentioned list of printers may have poor adhesion resulting in inferior finish quality or even peeling. Individual results will vary based on variables such as setup, paper type, ink types, etc.