Why do I need to use SoftTouch OPP Laminating film when foiling?

We use a SoftTouch laminate for a couple of reasons: 1) In order to create a separation of the image, if you have a printed piece and you want just a logo foiled you can print everything that is NOT the logo, then laminate with SoftTouch, then print the logo and then foil. 2) The reason that we use SoftTouch laminating film specifically is that it has a high dyne level and as such we can process it through your digital print engine after laminating and the toner will stick to the laminate, with other films you will find that the image will not adhere properly. 3) We use an OPP laminating film because it is thin and also because OPP film can be used for single sided applications. Having a single side make re-feeding the laminate much easier through a digital print engine. 4) Some coated papers are able to be printed directly to and foiled over with the perfect results. We recommend testing prior to committing to such a job.