What is a laminating pouch?

Pouch laminating is Small-Format with a typical maximum size of 12” x 18”.


Pouch laminating is convenient however it is also labour-intensive and higher material cost compared to roll film and is therefore only suitable for low volume.


Pouch films come in a wide range of pre-cut sizes that are ¼” – ½” larger than the document, and are usually round-cornered. (Letter size would be 8 ¾” x 11 ¼”).


Pouch films are “hinged” on one edge. The top sheet is lifted and the document placed and centered on the bottom sheet and then let the top sheet back down.


Almost all pouch laminates are thermal.


Low-end pouch laminators require the use of a “carrier” which is a protective sleeve.


Higher quality pouch laminators, such as hot-roller with adjustable temperature and speed do not require the use of a carrier.


Common uses are Menu’s, Place mats, Photos, Documents & Certificates.