What is paper cutting sitck?

Paper cutters (guillotines) operate by a knife cycling and cutting into a plastic stick. The plastic stick will develop a channel in it from where the knife strikes. There are a few different types of plastic that are used in cutting sticks. The different types are different colours.


Red cutting sticks are made with PVC and are of OEM Original quality, this is the type cutting sticks that ship with the machines from the manufacturers. They have a hardness rating of 80-82.


White cutting sticks are sold at a discount to all the other types and they are a made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) grade plastic. They tend to be softer with a hardness rating of 67-68 and as such tend to damage more easily and not last as long as the red cutting sticks.


Grey cut sticks are a premium option and are for all grades of paper cutter knife they are made with a Polypropylene Polystone PP(H) with a hardness of 74-76. The properties of the PPH are such that it is highly impact resistant and offers a longer operating life than the red and white cut sticks.


Special requirements such as additional bevel or radius corners, holes, counter-sinking and slots can be engineered to suit individual specifications. The cutting sticks are a provided to length based on the model of paper cutter you are operating. The cutting sticks are different widths and shapes based on the manufacturer specifications.


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