What are paper cutter knives made out of?

We offer two different types of paper cutter blade our Standard Surekut Inlay blade and the Durakut HSS blade. A high quality paper cutter blade, such as the ones we offer, will stay sharp longer, produce repeatable cutting results and increase the effective life of your paper cutter. See the detailed description below.


Standard SUREKUT® INLAY – By use of a modern forging process, a hardened tool steel inlay is bonded to a tough backing steel. Special heat treat furnaces ensure a good microstructure and balance of hardness and toughness. Widely used throughout the industry, SUREKUT INLAY paper trimmer knives meet or exceed OEM specifications.


DURAKUT™- HSS – Progressive technology has resulted in the finest high-speed steel paper trimmer knives available today. An 18% Tungsten high-speed steel inlay provides a smooth, keen hand durable cutting edge that is more abrasion resistant than standard steel knives. Expect 3 to 5 times longer life than standard knives.


It is important to pair a quality paper cutter knife with a quality cutting stick to increase the sharp life of yoru paper cutter knife, also rotated the cutting at least every time you change your blade.


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These paper cutter knives can be sharpened a number of times before they the need to be replaced. Sydney Stone offers blade replacement and sharpening services. Click here to contact us for information or call us Toll Free at 1-800-668-6055