How to set roller gap on Morgana Major and Morgana DocuFold PRO?

The unique fold roller design of your Morgana Major will fold most paper stocks without the need for adjustment. If you have a requirement to fold very delicate or thicker stock or re-feeding to produce a cross-fold the fold roller gap can be easily adjusted as follows: -

  1. Remove the roller assembly from the machine as described on page 18 of the operator manual.
  2. Loosen the Cap Head Screw on the operators side of the roller that you wish to adjust (any of the 3 outer rollers) using the 5 mm Bondus 'L' wrench provided & release the M8 lock nut on the non-operators side with the 13 A/F spanner provided.
  3. Insert the 4 mm hex ball driver into the socket screw at the end of the roller shaft and rotate in the required direction to adjust the roller gap.
  4. The graphics on the inside of the roller side plate show which way to turn the roller to adjust the gap relative to the centre roller.
  5. Re-tighten the half nuts & cap head screws to lock the roller into position.
  6. Repeat procedure for each roller that you wish to adjust and then replace the roller assembly into the machine.
  7. Reset the roller tilt knob (AA) back to the zero central position and screw in the Clamping Knobs (Y).