Paper Cutter Preventative Maintenance

For preventative maintenance we always suggest you appoint one person as responsible for conducting machine preventative maintenance. If you do not feel comfortable performing your own maintenance, as is common with many of our customers, we offer Blade Change Programs and Extended Warranties to move that burdin over to us.


    1. Perform regular blade changes- the rule of thumb is change your blade every 3,000 cycles of the knife. You should rotate the cutting stick every time you change the blade.
    2. Perform regular lubrication on the paper cutter. Your operator manual will detail where to lubricate the cutter
    3. Check your hydraulic fluid level on a regular basis. Set someone as being in charge of this, set a calendar follow up for that person to remind them to complete the work.


Our Blade change programs offer the above three services along with calibration and squaring of the backguage, for information on the blade change program click here.


Performing a blade change can be very dangerous to the operator and cause harm to the paper cutter when not performed properly, we recommend caution and diligence when attempting to perform a blade change.