How do I web my laminator?

The easiest way to advance films through the laminator is to use a "Leader Board".

First make certain the film rolls are properly loaded and threaded according to your Laminator's manual. Overlap the 2 films in front of the main laminator rollers. Use a rigid piece of thin cardboard, mounting board or other substrate as a Leader, run the laminator and use the board to push the films into the main rollers. Run the laminator until the Leader board exits the rear.

Tip: If your laminator is a 4 roller system make certain your board is longer than the distance between the main front rollers and the rear pull rollers. This will ensure the leader board picks up the rear rollers before exiting the front rollers, eliminating a "dive" or "wrap-around". For more information watch our video on how to web a Royal Sovereign Laminator