Creasing and Folding - How to Do Them Together

There are a couple ways to crease and fold your products. Certainly it depends on what creasing equipment you have but let us assume that you are using and automated creaser. If that is the case than you can either fold the work with a knife folder or a buckle plate folder. Please see our article on the difference between buckle plate folders and knife folders.


The key to creasing and folding in one pass is that the fold must land on either the lead or tail edge of the crease. If you attempt to fold in the middle of the crease you can experience skewing of the sheet and a shift in the fold position, this is because the fold will move around in the weakness of the crease profile. With a 1.6mm crease the width of the crease is 0.20”. When folding a half fold we need to place our crease at either 5.480” or 5.520” and set our fold stop at 5.5”


The other option is to use an all in one product such as the Morgana DigiFold PRO where within one touch screen the machine will automatically setup the crease and fold dimensions.