How to remove and install a Morgana crease matrix?

Morgana folding, creasing and numbering equipment offers perforating as standard feature, see here how to setup the perforating system


The upper and lower hubs can be positioned on the shaft by unscrewing the 2mm-grub screw. Slide the hub with the blade attached along, the shaft into position to correspond to the work using the scale as a guide. For example, to perforate 0.5" from the edge of a letter size sheet, you would set the blade at 8" (8.5" minus 0.5"). When positioned re-tighten the 2mm-grub screw. IMPORTANT – Do not over tighten grub screw


Slide the hub with the anvil, up to the perforator blade and the remaining upper and lower hubs, set as the drawing, remembering to spread them to support the sheet fully across its width.


Clip the perforator stripper adjacent to the upper hub as shown. Plug the unit into position, fit the sheet smoother into position to hold the sheets down and run the machine at the slow speed to check position.


Adjust the backstop and side guide to suit the work. For work longer than the backstop will allow, remove the backstop and use the extended backstop that is located underneath the catch tray.




There are a full range of perforator blades available as follows:

For extra fine perforation 96 tooth

For fine perforation 56 tooth

For Paper 28 tooth

For heavier Stock 20 tooth

For use with blades Anvil

Slitter set for cutting

Click here for pricing and information on the perforating blades


This setup for works for perforating on the Morgana Major folder, Morgana Junior folder, Morgana AutoCreaser, Morgana DigiCrease, Morgana UFO, Morgana DigiFold, Morgana FSN, Morgana FRN, Morgana DocuFold, Standard DocuFold, Stanard AutoCreaser.