What are the steps to foiling?

4 Steps To Apply ProfessionalSpot Foil and Spot UV Coating In House

One of the most popular print-finishing technologies on the market today is the application of foil or UV coatings to printed pieces. These special effects are visually impressive, elegant and at the same time protect your pieces. Most importantly, they add enormous value for your clients. Coatings provide protection from moisture, scuffing, scratching and finger prints.

Our coatings will adhere to where your toner is printed on the sheet, which can be either the entire sheet or in a specific spot where you have printed an image. They can be applied to one or both sides of a sheet.

Materials you will need:


SoftTouch OPP Laminating Film

Tools you will need:

Laminator with adjustable pressure, speed control, temperature control and take-up roller


Print your image on a card stock sheet of paper (not including the image to be foiled / coated).


Laminate your sheet using Sydney Stone SoftTouch OPP Laminating Film. (some coated card stocks do not require the laminate layer, in these cases you can skip this step)


Print the image on top of the laminate that you would like to be foiled / coated. When using InstaFoil, the image must be printed in 100% black, not a mixture of CMYK.


Install InstaFoil to your laminator as you would normally install laminating film. Ensure the InstaFoil will be applied facing up on the sheet so the foils will transfer appropriately