Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Onyx Product Review

HD7700 Onyx

In a competitive market Rhin-o-Tuff has made a move to stand out. The latest offering from the manufacturer of quality paper punching and book binding equipment is the Onyx Series. This series of products offers a new look and some valuable new features to select current models. Below we discuss the Rhin-O-Tuff HD 7700 Onyx 14” open-ended table top electric punch.


1.    Same design / capacity– this is the same rugged design as the previous generation of punch which is valuable to note as it offered an extremely reliable platform. In pursuit for something more eye catching and feature rich they have not swayed from their “tuff and built to last” roots. With a 40 sheet punching capacity on most dies it offers truly the most capacity in the industry
2.    Oval Die as Standard- while this was previously a $1000 up-charge ( if you wanted the oval die with your punch or an $1,850 charge to add an oval die after the fact) this die can now be selected as your standard die at no charge.
3.    Quietize die – the new die technology is 25% quieter than the previous and while punching a large capacity it is extremely quite now. These dies can be purchased for use on your existing Rhin-o-Tuff products as well.
4.    Warranty – Rhin-o-Tuff has such confidence in the build of their equipment that they offer a best in class 3 year warranty on the Onyx Series Punches.
5.    Versa-Punch- we like the versa-Punch option that comes with all the HD 7700 punches. Instead of having to press a foot pedal or hand switch (both also included) the Versa-Punch lets us just press the book to the side stop and after a short delay it will cycle.
6.    Environmentally wise- the Onyx Series is manufactured of 98% recyclable material making it a green choice.

1.    Gizmo’s – Other punches in the market offer some small gizmo as standard with the punch. Wire hanger, book former and the like. These are small details but not added to the Rhin-o-tuff

Certainly the Rhin-O-Tuff HD 7700 Onyx offers a valuable option when compared with the Akiles Versamac and other document punches on the market. We find that if you are intending to punch for hours on end most days then the Rhin-O-tuff HD-7700 Onyx punch will offer you the most efficient option. For a small premium in price, you will receive more punching capacity and quieter operation than competitive machines along with absolute peace of mind with the 3 year parts warranty.