Half Folding Card Stock on Morgana Major and DocuFold PRO

For best results, the card material should always be printed cross grain as this causes less resistance when folding. Pre-creasing of card stock is also recommended. When doing half folding it is best to use the plug in perforator unit (be sure to remove perforating blades) to deliver card out the back of the machine so the problem of the stock curling will be minimized. Set the backstop and side guide to suit the work.


It is recommended that when folding card, the Morgana Major or Morgana DocuFold PRO is set to batch after twenty sheets, which will allow easy off loading.


For longer runs a optional rear delivery belt stacker (Assy. No. 9-09-01) is recommended to be used. Contact us for pricing.


In the event of a paper jam, the sensor will cut out the main switch. The main fold rollers are linked to a clutch, which will prevent sheets continuing to feed.