EBA 551 Paper Cutter Product Review

The EBA 551 Paper Cutter is the most powerful cutter in its class. Offering a 21.6” cut width with fully adjustable hydraulic clamping pressure, the EBA 551 will cut an astonishing 3.75” of paper with ease. Fully programmable back gauge control with 99 programs (99 steps each) drives a hydraulically powered high speed cutting knife. A unique multiple cut programming function allows simple creation of programs for the accurate cutting of business cards and other multiple-up applications. The front table surface is protected by a safety photocell system and foot pedal for pre-clamping. Optical cut line light and false clamp plate as a standard features.



  1. Powerful - we had no problem cutting to the full capacity, the knife moved through the paper in a clean smooth motion.  With a sharp blade we were able to easily stack the cutter full of various different card and coated stocks. This hydraulic system has been in place on EBA cutters for more than 25 years and many of these original EBA 10/550E cutters are still being used in production proving the quality of this cutter.
  2. Adjustable clamping pressure and false clamp plate - the smaller cutters available simply do not have these options but they are invaluable when cutting a range of different paper weights and types.
  3. Advanced Computer programmer - the keypad may look basic but after a quick review of the manual (2 brief pages on programming)we were up and running with the ability to program in our business card jobs, postcard jobs and a couple other standards within a few minutes. Recalling them was quick and easy. No need to spend hours reading manuals to understand “universal symbols” on this cutter.
  4. Reliable - this hydraulic cutter is more expensive than the gear driven EBA alternatives however they are built for a higher level of production. The one piece casting, replaceable gibs and reliable hydraulic unit offers us a cutter that will retain good value and perform for a long time.
  5. Extremely safe - this ULc approved cutter is equipped with EBA’s safety cutting system which includes photocell guards, two cut buttons and other features to ensure the safety of your operators.



  1. Size - the cutter is the perfect size for 14 x 20 sheets however if you need to move the unit through a single door the back table needs to be removed. Our service team can accomplish this quickly and effectively but it does mean having the unit disassembled then re-assembled when inside your facility.





The EBA 551 cutter is fantastic paper cutter for digital printers or small commercial printers. The perfect size for 12 x 18, 13 x 19 or 14 x 20 sheets of paper the EBA 551 offers a reliable, reputable full featured paper cutter. We find this cutter to be the best on the market at this level. It offers the most cutting capacity, effective programming and adjustable clamping pressure all for a very reasonable price. If you are operating a single shift and need a flexible fully featured paper cutter for reasonable price the EBA 551 may be the right cutter for you.