EBA 485A Product Review

The EBA 485A paper cutter is the most affordable paper cutter in Canada for digital printers in the 12” x 18” format. With 18.5” cut width and 3” cutting height, this cutter has all the features of the 485EP but replaces the full programming features with a more affordable digital LED readout to show the backgauge position. Two button power cut, power clamping and an optical LED Cutting line light are standard features. The EBA 485A is the ideal solution for those who do not require a programmable backguage with job storage.



  1. The perfect size - it fits easily through a single door, fits the most commonly used 12 x 18 stock and is a generally small enough footprint that it can find a home in all print facilities.
  2. Reliability / Safety- this cutter is built upon the already reliable frame of generations of EBA paper cutters. With this we can have comfort that it will perform like those before it have - reliably and accurately. EBA also lead the charge to ensure that paper cutters are safe for operators and this model equipped with the Safety Cutting System (SCS).
  3. LED Cut line light and readout - the LED cut line light is a great feature to have on the cutter, it shows where the knife is going to strike so that operators can properly setup their jobs. The digital readout accurately shows the backgauge position of the cutter and is easy to read.




  1. Safety cover - we understand the need for safety but there are other options for safety such as ULc approved photocell guards and for those cutting a couple hours per day the cover can be cumbersome.
  2. No clamp pressure adjustment - this mechanical clamp does not offer any pressure adjustment like one would have on the EBA 551 cutter.
  3. Sheet size - the 13” x 19” sheets  being run on new print engines does not fit well into this cutter, it is slightly oversized for the 18.5” wide cutting size. The EBA 551 may be a better fit for those print devices.
  4. No programmer/ keypad- The benfits of the keypad are obvious, you are able to store up to 99 programs with 99 steps in each, cutting down business cards for example is greatly reduced with the programmer. The other difference is that with the programmer we get the keypad where we can simply enter the dimension we want and press start, on the EBA 485A you need to wind manually the backgauge to the desired position.



If you are a digital printer in the 12” x 18” format but not needing the benefits of a programmable paper cutter then the EBA 485A Paper cutter could be the right fit for you. A reliable, well made paper cutting machine at a fantastic price.