Morgana DocuCrease Product Review

The most popular hand operated crease on the market from the company that developed the technology for digital printers. Available in both 14” and 20.5” widths and with a 1.6 mm crease profile, the DocuCrease has the ability to crease substrates as thick as 350 GSM. Adjustable speed stops allow multiple creases on a single sheet to be performed quickly and accurately. The DocuCrease employs a unique creasing rule and matrix which eliminates tearing and cracking of toner.


1. No cracking - the best thing you can say is that the DocuCrease works as advertised. No more cracking. Grain short or grain long and from any print provider the DocuCrease will eliminate cracking.

2. Speed stops - to set your crease positions the DocuCrease comes with two speed stops. These seem rather basic however they work well to ensure you place the crease in the same position time after time.


1. Perforate - it would be great if this machine could perforate at the same time however it does not. In order to maintain the quality of crease Morgana has decided it did not want customer switching the crease matrix for a perforating one.

2. Speed - this is a great little manual machine but if you were producing a few hundred pieces every day this would quickly become a tedious job.


For any digital printer as a backup to a larger machine or for the smaller facility as the main unit for creasing. Produce greeting cards, book covers and brochures without cracking on the spine.