Morgana DigiCreaser Product Review

Manufactured by Morgana Systems in England the Morgana DigiCreaseris fully automatic after feeding. The hand feed DigiCreaser offers the advantages of a fully automatic creaser, but at a lower price point. The easy to use heads up display allows programming of a creasing job (up to 9 creases on a single sheet) and stores up to 6 programs. Perforation and batch counting are included as standard features.



  1. Quality - the same quality of crease, consistency and repeatability as you would get from the fully automatic AutoCreaser PRO the DigiCreaser produces crack free printed sheets time after time.
  2. Programmable - we find the programmer on the DigiCreaser simple and easy to use, with up to 6 jobs we can store our standard templates and quickly recall them when needed.
  3. Feeding - while we do need to manually feed the system it is actually much easier than we thought, achieving close the the maximum speed is possible.
  4. Perforating - we understand it is a creasing machine but being able to perforate is a nice benefit. Morgana offers a variety of different perforating blades for use on thin and heavy stocks.



  1. Feeding - we know we put this down in the PRO column as well but the con for the feeder is not so much the ease of use of the feeder it's that we wish their was at least a friction feed wheel that would pull the sheets in for us instead of having to hand feed them. Yes its easy but easier still would be a small feed wheel.
  2. Side guide - different from the mechanical side guides on the AutoCreaser PRO the side guides on the DigiCrease is magnetic. The magnets is strong, perhaps too strong, so some care is needed to ensure that the guide is setup properly.



The price for this unit is a big step up from the fully manual Morgana DocuCrease or the foot pedal operated Morgana ElectroCreaser but if you have the volume of work but cannot justify the Morgana AutoCreaser then the Morgana DigiCrease is a great reliable piece of equipment to complete the task.