Duplo DF 915 Product Review

An automated friction feed folder, the Duplo DF 915 folder is well suited for all businesses and organizations. This folder offers quick and easy setup for even the novice operator. Simply input the paper, press the fold type you prefer and the folder will automatically setup. A good middle range folder from the Duplo DF 777 and the Duplo DF 920. It is of the similar platform and size as the DF 920 but is not as quiet and is lacking a few of the automatic setup features



  1. Automation - we tried the folder on various jobs on standard paper sizes of 8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 14” or 11” x 17” and upon putting the paper in the machine automatically senses the sheet size, we were only responsible for pressing the preset button with the fold style we wanted and then it was all setup.
  2. Reliability - the Duplo friction feed mechanism always impresses us with its reliability, we tested folding standard bond paper, silk paper and even some lightly coated stocks (which is outside its specifications) and it was consistently and reliably accurate. We also tried the cross-folding function (first folding the sheets in half, then into a letter fold for insertion to a #10 envelope) were able to successfully run text weight uncoated stock with the cross fold.
  3. Speed - At about 80 sheets per minute faster than the MBM Uchida 306A (equivalent model folder) the Duplo is about 30% faster in operation.




  1. Adjustability - while the folder is automated we know that sometimes we have to make adjustments to folds based on where the colour break is or if the sheets were not cut to the correct size. Making adjustments to the fold positions on this guy were not as seamless as we would like, a small icon does show which direction the folds should be moved for a better fold but we are not sure it is easy enough for the non -killed folder operators to read.
  2. Perforating - we understand that we are buying a folder here and not a perforator, but sometimes perforating needs to happen and it would be nice to have this option as the MBM Uchida folders do.
  3. Noise- with a fully enclosed and foam wrapped fold plate it is quieter than the MBM (Uchida) folder but after having run the Duplo DF 920 this folder is louder. I suppose the level of noise is relative and the DF 920 is very quiet.



A fantastic folder with great automation, speed and accuracy. If you need a friction feed folder are not able to put together the extra money for the Duplo DF 920 than the Duplo DF 915 may be perfect option.