Duplo DF 1000 Product Review

A compact air feed folder with the ease of use of a desktop friction feed unit is hard to come by. But in the Duplo DF 1000 Automatic Suction Folder we have one! This reliable table top folder is ideal for the digital colour printer. The Duplo feeding system, proven successful by Duplo’s tower collator range, is used here to create a folder that defeats static and is setup with the push of a button. The sheets are fed from the top on this folder allowing the operator to load the unit (1ooo sheet capacity) and walk away. Top it off with an ultra quiet operation and in a world where run lengths are short and operators do not have time to spend setup job after job this folder fits in very well.



  1. Big boy features- while we expected the folder to not have the features of some of the floor model units we found it did. With skew adjustments, total and batch counter, 6 roller fold system and 14,400 sheets per hour operating speed this folder is no toy.
  2. Fold plate setup - for standard folds could not get any simpler , press the button  to the desired fold type and paper size and the plate sets up, press test and two sheet pop out for you to inspect, adjustment is simple if needed then press of the green button and the fold job will be completed while the operator can focus on something else.
  3. Extremely quiet operation - So quiet we wondered if the machine was on, the Duplo DF 1000 was able to separate and feed the sheets while the enclosed fold plates quietly folded them into finished size with ease and speed.



  1. Perforate/ Score - We understand that when you purchase a folder you are not purchasing a perforator, however this option is available on almost all other machines and would be a welcome advantage.
  2. Half Fold heavier paper - We are not able to fold stock above 200 GSM (for half fold) or 160 GSM for folds using both plates. We like being able to at least half fold 10pt to produce greeting cards and four page brochures.
  3. Price - It seems a little on the expensive side when you look at the jump in price from a friction feed unit up to the DF 1000. That said in the market of Automated Air Feed Folders it is well priced.



This folder is great for in-plant printers or those operating in a quieter environment in need of an Air Feed Folder for folding coated papers. The step in price from a friction feed unit to an air feed unit is big however the automation this folder brings to producing folded work on a commercial quality level is valuable for those producing short runs with the need to be able to have everyone in the shop be able to step up and run a folding job.