Duplo DC 645 Product Review

Complete automation in processing a full sheet of paper into finished documents. Slit, cut and crease documents in a single pass at a speed of 26 sheets per minute. The customizable slit, cut and crease positions mean you can process a variety of applications including business cards, greeting cards, invitations, brochures, pamphlets and more by simply loading the automatic high-capacity feeder. Equipped with a bar code reader once the job has been setup initially the DC 645 will recall the job and setup automatically. This truly is an all in one finishing device.


1. Versatility - this all in one finishing device offers the ability to process a wide variety of different jobs with minimal operator intervention. The bar-code feature means the jobs can be recalled automatically and do not need to be setup time after time.

2. Quality - The DC 645 accurately cuts, slits and creases job after job extremely accurately. We have tested various jobs and find that from sheet to sheet the accuracy is impeccable.

3. Change over - changing over from job to job takes seconds on the Duplo DC 645 slitter / cutter /creaser, with the simple push of a button you can scan through the various saved jobs to select the one you would like to use, alternately when you have the jobs with bar-codes the bar code reader will automatically recall pre-programmed jobs for fast and easy operation.

4. Reduced chance of error - Having the cutting and creasing all occur in one process with the automation to recall previously stored tasks reduces the chance of handling errors and processing errors.

5. Setup / Programming - the Job Creator software that comes with the DC 645 is used to setup the machine using a computer system instead of the LCD display. This software is easy to understand for setup of complex jobs and easy jobs alike.


1. Speed - the operating speed of the DC 645 will not knock your socks off, but, at 26 sheet per minute it will keep pace with most of the markets print engines output. Given that the unit operates passively the true speed may not be a factor so long as your daily production runs are shorter in processing than the daily output limit of the DC 645.

2. Business Cards- in order to finish business cards we need purchase the additional business card module. With the module the machines become a very effective business card cutter.

3. USB 2.0 Cable- this is not a big deal but is something that becomes confusing for every time we install one of these units, in order to connect the DC 645 with a computer for using the Job Creator software you need a USB 2.0 cable, this cable does not come with the machine. So be sure to pick one up at your local electronics store prior to accepting delivery of the unit.


We understand that this machine is not inexpensive however it is able to process, passively with very little intervention, a wide variety of different jobs. This machine fits well in environments where there are a high quantity of short run jobs to be processed daily. For the digital or commercial/ digital printer who have a digital print department with minimal operators that needs equipment that they can have running while they complete other tasks. Almost all of our customers who have purchased a DC 645 could not imagine life without it.