Duplo DC 615 Product Review

The Duplo DC 615 slitter/ cutter/ creaser offers a bundle of great features for processing printed sheets down to a variety of different finished documents. For use with greeting card, postcards, photographs, book covers, brochures and much more this automated DC 615 is the baby brother to the Duplo DC 645. While both systems complete similar work under a similar premise they do have some major differences. For the short run printer or in-plant facility the DC 615 may be a good fit. The DC 615 is offered as a base and Pro model. The more popular Pro model comes with CCD (bar-code) Scanner, Job Creator software, double feed detection and a card stacker.


1. Versatility - this all in one finishing device offers the ability to process a wide variety of different jobs with minimal operator intervention. The bar-code feature means the jobs can be recalled automatically and do not need to be setup time after time.

2. Quality - The DC 615 accurately cuts, slits and creases job after job extremely accurately. We have tested various jobs and find that from sheet to sheet the accuracy is impeccable.

3. Change over - changing over from job to job takes seconds on the Duplo DC 615 slitter / cutter /creaser, with the simple push of a button you can scan through the various saved jobs to select the one you would like to use. The PRO model with barcode reader will automatically recall pre-programmed jobs for fast and easy operation.

4. Reduced chance of error - Having the cutting and creasing all occur in one process with the automation to recall previously stored tasks reduces the chance of handling errors and processing errors.


1. Speed - Operating at 11 sheets per minute the Duplo DC 615 does not match the production speed of most print devices. This said, as a passive operating machine that can run all day it is able to process a fair amount of product. If you are looking to pair this up with a print device that will produce product all day to be finished on the DC 615 then you will find the 615 to be too slow. If you are using it for processing only a portion of that work you may find the speed adequate.

2. Business Cards - the format of this machine means that when we produce business cards for production on it we print them 18 up on a 12” x 18” sheet. This sheet then needs to be half cut (either with the 615 or with a guillotine) then processed for business card cutting as a 12” x 9” sheet. See our Downloads section to download the template.

3. Setup - the base model 615 does not have the same Job Creator software that the DC 645 does, as such one needs to either purchase the DC 615 PRO which includes this software (as well as a card stacker and other valuable options) or they need to setup the system via the small LCD screen which does take some patience and understanding.


If you have a small print facility this Duplo DC 615 slitter/ cutter and creaser may be the right fit for you. It can automatically, without much operator intervention, slit/cut and crease a wide variety of different customer jobs with ease. For those where business cards are not the focal point but instead an afterthought this system could be the right fit.