Duplo DBM 120 Product Review

DBM 120

Duplo bookletmaking systems can be purchased modularly, for example you can use the Duplo DBM 120 as a stand alone hand fed unit for stapling and folding or you can use the Duplo DBM 120 with as a hand fed unit with the Duplo DBM 120T face trimmer. If you do not want to hand feed your books you can use it with a Duplo DC 10/60 or DC 10/20 Collator to feed the sheets to the bookletmaker with or without a face trimmer. Alternately the Duplo DBM 120 can be used with a DSF 2000 or DSF 2200 sheet feeder for digitally printed sets of paper. With all these options the Duplo DBM 120 is at the heart of the bookletmaking system. The Automated DBM 120 operates via an LCD screen and scroll wheel, the setup is quite simple by inputting the sheet size to be processed.




  1. Setup - this bookletmaker is quick to setup to the job you are producing, with 6 custom job sizes that can be stored it also can process not traditionally sized jobs quickly.
  2. Works on digital - this bookletmaker does a great job on digitally printed work, we have tested with every variant including coated two sides and full of static and the bookletmaker has yet to refuse a set when it is within capacity.
  3. Adjustable - While the DBM 120 is automated we still are able to make a lot of adjustments should we have an odd sized job to work with. Also we can easily adjust the fold roller gaps to compensate for the thickness of product we are working with.
  4. Programmable - includes standard sheet sizes and memory storage fir custom settings.
  5. Adjustable pressure settings - very easy to set the roller gap specific to the book thickness you are producing
  6. Modular - the DBM 120 is a very modular machine, sold as the DBM 120 Sheet by Sheet or Set by Set you are able to integrate this bookletmaker in-line with a friction or air feed tower collator, a Digital Sheet feeder or a face trimmer for a full or partial finishing system depending on your application or budget



  1. Height - We find the DBM 120 to be about 4” short, when used as a hand feed system you notice that it is a little shorter than most other bookletmakers.
  2. Staplers - The DBM 120 uses pre cut staples, there are 5000 per each cartridge. If you are looking for a higher staple capacity and the ability to change the wire length (noticeable when changing from thinner books to thicker books) than you would need to look at a system with stitching heads.
  3. Smallest book size- the Set by Set version of the DBM 120 can stitch and fold down to 7.87" x 7.87" sheets.

Recommendation: For the right application this Duplo DBM 120 is a very reliable easy to operate machine that can perform a wide variety of different jobs with ease. If you need the DBM 120 as a stand alone or within a system of other machines you can find a permutation that suits your needs.