Difference in Crease Widths

Different manufacturers offer different creasing widths as the standard with their machines. For Morgana creasing equipment the standard crease matrix has a crease profile of 1.6mm wide, they also offer a optional narrow crease matrix with a 1.2mm profile and an optional ultra narrow crease matrix with a 0.9mm profile. For Duplo the standard creaser profile is 1.4mm.


We do not know the crease profile size for a Graphic Whizard creaser, if you know the profile size do let us know and we will update this article.


Having versatility is nice, we find at time 1.6mm crease seems to thick when creasing ligher stocks, now that we are seeing creasing done on 80lb coated paper the 1.2mm and 0.9mm crease offer a very nice finished look. That said the 1.6mm crease is perfect on heavy card stocks.