How to remove and install a Morgana crease matrix?

Before removing the blade assembly, ensure that the lower blade / anvil is NOT at ‘top dead centre’, ie. Push Button 3 has not been pressed. Switch the machine off.


2.  Remove the stacker unit and lift the exit guard.


3. Using a 6mm allen key, loosen the socket head screws located inside the blade adjustment cams. Remove the screws and the blade adjustment cams.


4.  Insert the blade extractor tools not the holes in the adjustment links, as shown. Push downwards on the handles of the blade extractor tools to release the blade assembly from the power links.


5.  Slide the blade assembly out of the creasing unit and lay it on a flat surface.


6.  Slide the adjustment links away from the dowels located in the ends of the blades / anvils as shown in the photograph (left)


7.  Place the new blade set into position. Check that the eccentric shoulder bolts on the link plates have been positioned as shown in fig 20.1.


8.  (Upper blade / anvil only) Slide the adjustment links onto the dowels.


9. Slide the new blade set into the slots of the creasing unit as shown in fig. 21.1. 


Locate the blade extractor tools into the holes in the adjustment links as shown. Pull the handles of the blade extractor tools upwards to engage the blade assembly back into the power links. 


10.  Set the cam graphics for both ends of the blade / anvil to their lowest point on the scale (ie. When the mark on the scale reaches the mark on cam holder) Fasten the socket head screws on the adjustment cams until they are tight. 



11.  Push the exit guard down and replace the stacker assembly before operating the machine.

12.  Switch the machine on and test the crease for form.