Duplo CC 228 Product Review

This table top business card cutter takes the hassle of cutting down business cards away from the paper cutter operator. While business cards are always one of the least desired procedures in printing they are essential to every business. The CC-228’s friction feeder will process and stack up to 130 cards per minute. Cards can be printed on 8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 14” or on 12” x 9” and processed at 10 cards up per sheet (20 up on 12 x 18). The unit can also be setup to cut a variety of different card formats including, playing cards, hockey cards, and postcard all with the standard cassette that is included with the machine.


1. No hassle - the Duplo CC-228 card cutter truly does offer a no hassle solution to cutting down business cards, we pulled it out of the box, put in the paper (must print to the included template) and pressed the start button.

2. Programming - for the various jobs you might run on the machine there is an easily accessible list of 6 pre programmed jobs that can be immediately recalled.

3. Consistent feeder - we found the feeder to be excellent, we tested it on coated two sides (C2S) card stock as well as UV Coated stock and it processed everything with ease.


1. Sheet size- most print devices can print on 12” x 18” or 13” x 19” and it would be great if this unit could do the same, the smaller sheet size means that work printed on a larger sheet would need to be cut to the letter size or legal size paper formats beforehand. That said at the price point this machine is A+++ in our view

2. Digital only - the way the sheets are processed this is for digital printers only. Running multiple names up on a press sheet does not let the cards stack properly for each different business card name.


The Duplo CC228 card cutter can accomplish a wide range of different jobs without operator intervention. Recall the job, press start and anyone can produce high quality finished output. In times where efficiency and labour hours are so difficult to manage a unit like the CC228 can quickly create excellent value. We recommend this to all digital printers who are producing their own business cards. Take processing from tedious and time consuming to automatic and fast, your customers will endorse your new ability to offer quick turnaround of their business card jobs.