Morgana CardXtra Product Review

The Morgana CardXtra is a high speed, air suction feed business card cutting machine, in one pass of a 12” by 18” sheet it will produce 20 full bleed business cards. Reading a registration mark at the lead edge of the sheet it will compensate for image drift from sheet to sheet from the print device. Also able to produce postcards with an optional module the Morgana CardXtra can transform what is traditionally the tedious task of business card cutting into quick automated work to be completed by anyone with the push of a button. The task that would normally need 18 cuts on a guillotine can now be offered as an “on demand” service.


1. Air feeder - The air suction feeder is effective yet simple to use, able to feed coated papers and card stocks there is no need to worry about feeding the challenging coated business card stocks.

2. Setup- with Morgana’s set template all you need to do to process the cards is insert the sheets, retrieve the job on the keypad and press start.

3. Speed and accuracy - able to produce up to 8,400 perfectly sized business card per hour. The single pass completion of business cards


1. Versatility - The CardXtra uses a fixed cartridge system and as such it is not as versatile as some other systems where the slitting heads can be set to custom positions. That said the cartridge based systems are extremely accurate due to the fact that they are fixed in position and not a moving part.

2. Template - some like to produce business cards 24 up for cutting on their guillotine instead of 20 up. Producing 24 means you need 21 sheets to produce 500 cards, producing 20 up means you need 25 sheets of paper.

3. Language - some of the terms in the setup menu for the CardXtra are not of common language, that said since once we have the job programmed all we do is recall it and press start this is not a real issue.


A small business card job takes a spot in cue in your production along with other, potentially more profitable jobs, can be completed now without excess handling of the cards. Cutting cards, a job that would normally require 18 cuts on a guillotine can be processed by anyone in the company with the press of a button. If you are looking for a way to efficiently produce business cards than this may be the solution for you.