Morgana CardXtra PLUS Product Review

Manufactured to meet the needs of digital printers and litho printers who need highly accurate, low cost, easy to use multifunctional finishing device. Able to feed up to 12” x 18” sheets for production of business cards, postcards, rulers, full bleed 11” x 17” covers and a wide variety of different other products.



1. Easy - this template driven system is just simple to use. Using the Morgana designed templates for the jobs that can be completed on the device we simply recall from the easy quick start chart the job number we are running and press start. Any operator can complete this and produce the highest quality finished product.
2. Quality - with +/- 0.003” accuracy the CardXtra is between 5-7 times more accurate than competitive models. The crease uses is the same creasing matrix in the Morgana AutoCreaser and DigiFold, proven to eliminate cracking on digitally printed card stocks for more than 10 years.
3. Registration - the registration mark printed on each sheet is read by the machine with each pass and will compensate for image drift from the print device to accurately cut your product.
4. Templates - the Morgana CardXtra Plus is pre-programmed with all of the possible templates it can produce along with a simple quick start chart further enabling any operator to setup and run a job.


Templates - while we like the templates provided they can be limiting, if you are looking to come up with specialty or custom projects the unit is not for you. The fixed cartridge setup does limit your ability to produce work outside of the set templates.


As you can see with our 1 CON review we really like this product. It solves many of the challenges of the modern printer while being priced affordable. In order to best see the abilities of this unit would suggest you watch the product video on our website or our product review video.