6 Ways to Know You Need A Blade Change

If you are not sure if the blade in your paper cutter is dull here are 6 ways to confirm that it is time for a knife change.


  1. The sound – do you notice that the sound of the knife cutting through the paper is at a much higher pitch, and that it sounds different than it used to
  2.  Lines in your cuts – if you notice that you have some streaks in your cuts – than it is time to perform a knife change
  3.  Not Square - Are you noticing that the cuts are not square? Either you are seeing that the bottom sheets are longer than the top ones or from side to side the stock is not being cut at the same length – that is time to perform a blade change. 90% of the time when we have customers call to advise that the backgauge is not square it is because the knife is dull and needs sharpening.
  4. Pull test - stick a single sheet of paper between the knife and the clamp, pull the sheet up and along the knife, it if cuts cleanly the knife is sharp, if it tears then the knife is ready for changing.
  5. Labels/ Glue - Have you been cutting labels or other products with glue. After cutting product such as labels you should perform a blade change and have a trained technician remove the glue from the back of the blade in order to eliminate the glue from transferring to your other product
  6. The knife will not cut through all the paper – if this is the case than you either need to micro adjust the knife depth, if you have adjusted the depth as much as you can than it is time for a knife change


We offer knife change services as well as knife change programs for paper cutters up to 30" in size. If you need a blade change certainly do not hesitate to contact us either through the website or call us Toll Free at 1-800-668-6055.