How to bind document using plastic coil?

In order to bind a document with plastic coil you first need to have a the correct document binding machine. We have lots to choose from, click here for the optionsOnce you have this machine the next step is to ensure that your have the right hole punching pattern in place. When binding coil you are able to bind in either a 3:1 pitch a 4:1 pitch and even in a 5:1 pitch (see below about what this word pitch means and how to know what pitch you need.)
Once you have confirmed this it is time to measure the thickness of your book block and order the plastic coil you need. See our article on how to select the right coil.
Now for the binding. Use the punch throat ruler and side margin control to center the punching of your document. Tip: Insert a single test sheet and make sure you disengage any hole that is left partially exposed on the punch throat ruler. Failing to do so may leave a partially perforated hole at the edge of your document.

Once this unit is setup insert about 20% less than the maximum capacity of the punch neatly and properly aligned into the punch throat. Then press the foot pedal (if you have a foot pedal operated unit) or pull the handle towards you to punch.

Once the holes are punched in the paper you are ready to insert the coil. See below our quick 4 steps to using a coil insert.

  1. Align punched document and place it on top of machine or table. Insert the coil into the first 4 to 5 holes.
  2. Hold document evenly against roller (coil must slightly touch the roller)
  3. Press foot pedal. The coil will automatically move forward inserting itself into the holes.
  4. After the last hole insertion, IMMEDIATELY move document away from roller and/or stop pressing the foot pedal. Remark: if coil is over inserted or some pages are un-inserted, simply flip document over and proceed with insertion as per step 2.
  5. Use crimpers to cut & crimp the excess coil. Make sure you crimp-in-both ends. This procedure will prevent the document from unbinding itself.

TIP - if using a cover and backing sheet before crimping the coil flip the back cover around to cover the front cover, then crimp the book. This will leave the crimped coil behind the back cover, making for a cleaner finished look.