Morgana AutoCreaser PRO Product Review

The new Morgana AutoCreaser PRO is available in either a 12.9” wide (AutoCreaser PRO 33) or 19.6” wide (AutoCreaser PRO 50) model. The new PRO series from Morgana now operates up to an astonishing 8,500 sheets per hour. Easy to use, the intuitive 7” touch-screen controls all the main functions. Key-in the sheet length (popular sizes are already pre-set), select the fold type for finished product (letter, gate etc) and press the green button. both AutoCreaser PROs will automatically calculate where the creases are needed and set them accordingly. The AutoCreaser PRO offers an unlimited alpha numeric memory where you can store your jobs.


  1. Quality - The crease profile of the Morgana AutoCreasers has always been perfect, these new models show the exact same high quality and consistency of placement. Always in exactly the same position sheet after sheet, always the same depth sheet after sheet and always a perfect crease profile sheet after sheet
  2. Speed -  while speed is not the only factor in a world is shrinking run lengths, the speed on these systems mean the finishing department can catch up for the delays on the print side. It also means those who are using a letterpress now can run this at a much faster speed to accomplish the same finished look with far less hassle in the setup.
  3. SmartScreen - This screen truly means anyone can walk up and run the machine without even the minimums of training. Operating much like the modern smart phones you can save custom jobs or set up using the normal templates in quick order.  This screen offers the ability to store an unlimited amount of jobs with alpha numeric formatting.
  4. Reliable - the range of AutoCreasers is renowned for its reliability. The simplistic design offers minimal wear parts and a straight and simple paper path for sheets to travel through.
  5. Perforating- as a standard option on the machine we can perforate, they offer many different perforating blades for use on thin or thick stocks.
  6. JDF enabled - while JDF has not been implemented widely in the printing industry the AutoCreaser PRO is ready and able should this be a requirement for your facility
  7. Knife fold option - Morgana has released the Morgana AutoFold PRO as an in-line knife folding unit, this bridges the gap between the DigiFold PRO all in once crease and fold machine and having to take the creased work to a seperate machine for folding. The plug in nature of the AutoFold PRO offers us a folding system when we need it!



  1. Delivery - the delivery on the AutoCreaser PRO’s is only about 2” tall. When operating at 8,500 sheets per hour this can fill quickly!
  2. Power / Noise - understanding that this is a production machine the power required is 220v, 1 Phase and the pump can generate quite a bit of noise in order to generate enough air flow to feed the sheets. While operating within the 80db safety guidelines the AutoCreaser PRO may not be best suited in office environments or locations where there are noise restrictions.


If you are a commercial printer, or digital printer the AutoCreaser PRO 33 and Morgana AutoCreaser PRO 50 are guaranteed to provide you with the best quality repeatable finish with a simple setup.