EBA 721LT/ Triumph 721-06LT Paper Cutter Review


EBA 721LT is a robust paper cutter that will not break your budget. For the large digital printer (perhaps printing on a 14" x 20 or 14" x 29" sheet) the EBA 721LT cutter offers the features required coupled with easy operator use so that your digital team can finish your work with quality and ease. An accurate and reliable cutter is vital in the printing industry and the new EBA 721 LT offers exactly this.


1. Solid stainless steel work surface with air table. This solid work surface will offer a lifetime of work without needing to worry about damage. The air table on the front work surface and back table makes movingpaper around much easier, especially when cutting for long periods of time and with full reams of paper.

2. Programming: The fully featured programming with 99 programs and 99 steps in each as well as beneficial features such as ejection, repeat cut, insert and delete modes and cut and store enables an operator to gain efficiency for cutting common template work.

3. Safety: As with all EBA cutters the EBA 721LT comes with the Safety Cutting System, this ensures that your operators are kept safe will operating the cutting machine. The ULC approval on the unit offers business owners comfort that they are purchasing a proudly designed and built paper cutter that exceeds the safety and electrical laws.

4. Size: With new digital print devices printing on up to 14" x 26" sheets the EBA 721LT with its 28" cutting width is the perfect size.

5. Knife cycle: the EBA 721LT has a extra fast knife cycle faster than all of the other cutters in the EBA range and that of many competitors this will boost employee efficiency when cutting for longer periods of time.

1. Cutting of parent sheets: This cutter is not designed for cutting down 28" x40 parent sheets down. When half cutting the 40" depth the off cut (sheets on the front table) can push out to block the photocell guard returning the knife up to the home position prior to completing the knife cycle.

2. Clamp opening: The 3" clamp opening is not the largest on the market at this size of paper cutter. However with up to 4,400 psi there is lots of clamp pressure to ensure that even on the hardest jobs you have the clamping capability to effectively clamp a full stack of paper

If you are a mid/ high volume digital printer or small format commercial printer than the EBA 721LT cutter could fit your production well. It offers an extremely reliable cutter that has an easy to understand and use interface that can be used intuitively but all employees in the facility. With ULC approval and the Safety Cutting System you can take comfort that the EBA 721 LT cutter is well built and designed. Sydney Stone has many reference for the EBA 721LT cutter should you wish to speak with other owners of this product.


To see the product: http://www.printfinishing.com/eba-721lt-28-3-8-programmable-paper-cutter.html