5 Benefits of Automated Folders

Having an automated folder can offer great benefits over a manually setup unit.

  1. Anyone in the office can figure out how to run them within minutes.
  2. Change from job to job in seconds without having to fully understand the mechanics of buckle plate folding
  3. No more using a ruler to measure out your folds one by one, with the push of a button you can select the fold type you want and the folder will setup for you automatically. With the Morgana DocuFold PRO the system uses a 7" smart touch screen.
  4. Adjustments can be done easily. No need to adjust a knob on both sides of the fold plate, you can simply use a digital read out to +/- your fold plate dimensions.
  5. You can be more productive in running other equipment instead of wasting hours trying to setup a folder that is not automated.

Great examples of automated folding machines include the Morgana DocuFold PRO, Morgana DigiFold PRO, Duplo DF 1000, Duplo DF 920, Duplo DF 915, MBM 407A, MBM 307A