Prepare Your Cutter Table in Just Five Steps

Setting up your Challenge cutter for the first time? It's a breeze to correctly prepare your cutter table. Just follow this five-step process
A Champion 305 cutter table.


1. Remove the rust-protective coating from the table with a solvent.


2. Remove all solvent residue from the table with a dry cloth.


3. Continue until the cloth shows no sign of residue when you wipe the table with it.


4. Apply to the table a light coating of an SAE 10-weight non-detergent motor oil (or equivalent). Allow it to penetrate for at least an hour.


5. Remove all excess oil from the table using a paper towel (not a cloth). Continue until the paper towel shows no sign of oil when you wipe the table with it.


6. Apply a paste wax  to the table. This will seal the metal's pores.