5 Steps to Pick the Right Paper Cutter

When looking to purchase a paper cutter the following 5 steps can help determin what paper cutter would suit your requirements.


  1. Formula - Use this formula to calculate the paper cutter size that you require. Take the width of the largest sheet you can print and multiply by itself (ie 12” x 12” = 144) then take the length of the largest sheet you can print and multiply it by itself (ie 18 x 18 = 324). Add these two numbers (ie 144 + 324) and then take the square root of them ( 21.63”). This is the ideal size or paper cutter required if you want to spin the sheet in the throat of the bed. With a 12" x 18" sheet size, in orde to be able to cut down all variety of jobs, you need a paper cutter at least 18" wide.
  2. Cut down parent sheets - Do you plan on buying larger paper stocks and cutting them down to runon your press, if so what size
  3. Automation - What level of automation or programming do you or your operators require? Will you be cutting business cards? If so a programmable paper cutter is of great benefit.
  4. Time on the paper cutter - how long are you cutting every day. The more you cut the more robust a machine you want to start with, also this may sway you away from paper cutters with safety sheilds to machines with photocell safety guards.
  5. Location details - sometimes your location will determine what paper cutter you can buy, do you have a double door entry, how much space do you have for a paper cutter. The EBA 485 paper cutters and smaller can be shipped into a single door location without question however the larger paper cutters will need to be dis-assembled prior to delivery and then assembled again inside your location if you only have a single door.


After all of these we have towork with a budget, sometimes the budget can help determine which model you can acquire or if you need to look at a Reconditioned paper cutter instead of a new paper cutter.


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