3 Tips for Picking the Right Plastic Coil

Plastic Coil is a continuous plastic binding that winds through small holes punched in your book. Up to 55 holes per 11" spine length gives it an unbeatable strength. The soft plastic makes the coil indestructible because it will bend but never crack. Other unique features are that books lay flat, stay flat and turn a full 360 degrees.

Here are three tips on picking the right plastic coil:

  1. Select the colour you would like for the book. The most common binding element colours are black, white and clear however we can provide a wide range of different colours depending on what your requirement is.
  2. Select the diameter of the coil that you need. A useful resource is our coil selector chart (see here) however one must notice that the chart shows 20lb stock, if you are using heavier paper or a cover you will need to allocate appropriately for that. Our Coil Diameter selector is great tool in making sure that you pick the right coil (see picture below)
  3. Select the pitch of coil that you need. The most common pitch for coil is 4:1, which represents 4 holes per 1 inch of paper. Other sizes are available but are not as common.

Once you have done this you are ready to punch and insert the coil into your book. You can insert the coil manually if you are only processing a few books or coil inserters are available from $200 and up to help insert the coil for you. After inserting the coil we need to crimp the ends to ensure that the coil does not spin itself out of the book.