Three Ways to Improve Your Cutting Quality

Rotate Your Cutting Stick
A worn cutting stick can affect the cut quality on your bottom sheets. To prevent this, cut sticks should be rotated one or two times between each knife sharpening. There are eight possible cut stick positions: the stick can be rotated four times, turned end to end, then rotated another four times.

Select the Right Bevel Angle
We recommend that the bevel angle for your knife fall between 21° and 23°. A 21° bevel angle usually provides better cut quality when cutting soft paper (such as newsprint), recycled paper, or bound books. But 21°-angle knives can dull sooner than 23° knives, resulting in shorter knife blade life. A knife with a 23° bevel angle, on the other hand, will not dull as quickly, and can provide satisfactory results when cutting most types of paper.

Ultimately, it may be worth it to purchase two sets of cutting knives:
one set beveled at 21°, and the other at 23° (A set consists of 3 knives: one in the machine, one as a back up, and one at the grinder).

Use Lubrication to Help Your Cutter Last Longer
If your cutting machine seems to strain but the cut quality is still good, reduce the pile height. You can also carefully apply glycerin to the bevel before cutting hard, coated paper. Tie a cloth to the end of a stick, dip the stick in glycerin, and apply. Never apply by hand! If you don't have glycerin, you can lightly rub white bar soap along the bevel. Lubrication will prolong the life of your machine and reduce the need for maintenance.