4 Tips to Grow Your Print Business - Printfinishing
If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught the print businesses is that there are forces beyond a slow, uneven economy that continues to reshape the printing industry. Positioning a printing business for significant growth for the coming years, the owner must evolve his or her business with new service offerings to meet consumers’ demands and needs.

  1. Use Digital Marketing
Marketing your business can get costly very quickly if you do it without proper planning and budgeting. To get started, create a plan by outlining the goals and budget. In this day and age, if you aren’t leveraging digital marketing, you are as good as non-existent for your prospective customers. Good news is, digital marketing is not too costly, you can get started with as little as $100/year.

Firstly, create a website. For this, you can either hire a web developer or if you are working on a budget- use a simple website building software like Wix. Think of your website as the brick & mortar store of the online world. Update it regularly to showcase your products and services.

Then, create an account for all major social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Post regularly about your products and offerings.

  1. Offer unique products
Unless you are the only print shop located in a nice remote town, chances are you have a lot of competition. Having a competitive edge can decide the success or failure of your print shop. That is why we encourage our clients to stay up to date with the latest offerings and innovations in the printfinishing industry.

Even today, many print shops only offer basic printing. With so many digital enhancements such as high clarity lamination, foiling, spot UV, and Multiloft- print shops can exponentially grow their business and increase revenue.

  1. Leverage short-run printing
Many customers require more small print jobs than big ones. While offering a competitive price can be difficult with tight margins, you can leverage it by finding a supplier that offers a variety of paper, lamination, coil, wire-o, foil, and other print & printfinishing supplies in smaller quantities. Sydney Stone offers all kinds of printfinishing supplies in small to large quantities in Canada.

  1. Offer promotions
By having a promotion deal, this will help your business to grow. This will also keep your printing business running and not out of jobs. But do not over flooding your customers with too many promotional offers. This will lead to the impression that your business is becoming desperate.

If you properly plan and account for all the factors above when pricing your products, you will be able to generate more leads and increase your revenue.

Combining your marketing efforts, with your unique, eye-catching, and variety of offerings are some of the ways you can remarket to your existing customers and expand your customer base without a huge investment.
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