Valiani Integra 160 All-in-one Digital Die Cutter


The all-in-one machine.

The Integra 160 Digital Die Cutter is a cutting system designed to process materials of greater consistency and thickness typical of the world of signage and packaging industry. Equipped with a 48.5" x 64" cutting bed, a 1kW router and a wide range of cutting tools, Integra guarantees high versatility and quality standards in managing the processing of the most common rigid supports used in the graphics industry. Milling, engraving, cutting and creasing in a precise way is now possible with Valiani Integra, characterized by its robust shape, high precision and resistance.

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Routing Tool

The 1 kW router to be mounted on the machine can handle the processing of the most common rigid supports used in the graphic and sign industry including rigid PVC foam, acrylic and aluminum composite panels, dibond, forex more than 1 cm thick, plexiglass, packaging of every kind, point of sale displays, vinyl and magnets, perfect finishing of printed materials and much more. The router module reaches a maximum of 6 mm in diameter.

One Cutter, Plenty of Opportunities

Integra is the answer to cut, kiss-cut, creasing and routing demands as it is able to guarantee an optimal throughput without resorting to a cutting die. This allows it to manage a wide variety of supports and applications as well as a large number of materials, even pre-printed substrates. The machine may be equipped with a high-resolution camera that automatically detects the position of the registration marks for quick and precise contour cuts. Media optimal fixing is given by a dynamically concentrated zone-adjustable vacuum table and pneumatic clamping system. An optional powerful aspirator is highly recommended to remove the residues left by the router and to give shape to a precise product on all sides.

More Automation for Greater Productivity

Integra's computerized system makes use of a considerable degree of automation, with a knob for automatic adjustment of the cutting depth and full motorization of the two cutting heads. Integra turns out be fast in meeting customers’ requests and precise in processing materials up to 20 mm thick with quick tool setup in relation to the height of the panel to be cut. The higher productivity is given by the use of a powerful aspirator (optional) which keeps the workstation clean and also increases productivity, as the user does not have to take time to carry out manual cleaning operations.

Manufacturer: Valiani
Model: Integra 160
Cutting Size: 48.5” x 64”
Speed: 70m/min
Tools: 2 tool positions
Maximum Cutting Depth: Oscillating Tool Head
3/4”; Standard Cutting Head: 3/4”; Standard Cutting Head
3/16”: 3/16”
Media Hold System: Vacuum bed and pneumatic clamping
Electrical: 3-phase
Custom Stock Status: Ships 7-10 days

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