OPP Superstick Scuff Free Matte 1.8 mil 11.75" x 500' on 1" Core

D&KSKU: LAM 00405001

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D&K SCUFF-FREE MATTE SuperStick Scuff Free Matte 1.8 Superstick 11.75" x 500' on 1" Core

D&K SCUFF-FREE MATTE SuperStick - OPP Scuff Free Matte with Super Stick Adhesive 1.8mil, 11.75"" x 500' on 1"" Core

This D&K Scuff Free Matte Super Stick OPP laminating film is manufactured by D&K Group based in Chicago USA. This film comes with the SuperStick adhesive which is ideal for use on toner based print engines. SuperStick has been validated by Xerox to adhere 15 times better than regular laminating film adhesives. SuperStick has been validated for use on all DocuColor and iGen models from Xerox.

Sydney Stone’s testing has proven that SuperStick will stick effectively on Ricoh, Canon and Konica Minolta toner based print engines as well. The SuperStick adhesives works by penetrating through the toner and ink and paper coatings to bind to the paper fibers, this occurs without effecting the look and clarity of images to ensure your print is crisp and consistent. This roll of laminating film is 11.75” wide and 500 feet long, on a 1” core.

Scuff-Free Matte is fully writable matte finish that is compatible with most pens, pencils, and markers. This ScuffFree Matte OPP laminating film is well suited for use on applications where there might be frequent touching or contact with the product and where the product needs to be used by multiple people, as the film description says this film will not mark up with finger prints or scuffs from normal contact. Restaurant menu’s, sign up cards, products being distributed by mail would all be well suited for this Scuff Free Matte.

Sydney Stone is converting all our OPP laminating film rolls down from a master roll size to the convenient sizes that you require, we stock these convenient roll sizes and you can purchase as little as 1 roll at a time. Sydney Stone OPP laminating film is .25” smaller than the sheet width to make your post laminating processes easier, laminating film will be inside the sheet edges but outside of your bleed. With these film sizes you will not need to trim laminate overhang after laminating. If you overlap the sheets on the infeed you will end up with 3 perfectly clean edges after laminating.

Special features

- Scuff Free Matte film has a high dyne level – this dyne level means that this film can be print on top of, used as laminating film for Spot UV coating, used as laminating film for digital foiling (instafoil), the Soft Touch laminating film can be used for hot foil stamping and gluing and all types of post lamination processes.

- D&K Scuff Free Matte shows excellent clarity and will enhance your prints without changing the colour.

Typical applications

- Scuff Free Matte can be used for hard and soft book covers

- Restaurant menu’s will have a longer useful life with Scuff Free Matte laminating films

- The smooth Matte texture is well suited for business cards or other cards that are to be mailed

- Scuff Free Matte is a luxury Packing laminating film effectively used for electronics, perfumes, alcoholic beverages, jeweler and other luxury items and is sure to represent your brand well. 

Colour: Scuff-Free Matte - Digital Adhesive
Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Length: 500 feet
Manufacturer: D&K
Pitch: 1\ core
Sheet Capacity: 5 sheets
Size: 11.75\
Type: OPP

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