Rapid 106E Electric Stapler


The Rapid 106 industrial stapler is one of the most effective and reliable staplers on the market. It can be used for both flat and saddle stapling. It is capable of stapling up to 40 sheets of paper at a time.

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The Rapid 106E Electric Stapler Features

  Supplied with foot pedal as standard 

  Staple depth variable up to 100mm

  Flexible - two or more staplers can be linked for simultaneous stapling

  Functional - adjustable stapling depth and variable impact force

  Quality - reliable operation, long service life (replaceable staple head.)

  Safe to use - stapling head guard and clearly visible, easy to access stapling zone

  User friendly - front-loading. Automatic or pedal controlled stapling.

  Staples 2 to 40 sheets at a time

  Standard table allowing single head flat stapling and single single head saddling stapling.

  Optional stand available


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