Padding Kit

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Padding Kit Includes:

1 x 2L jug of Glue

1 x Moon Shaped Padding Knife

1 x 3” Pad and Paper Counting Spoon

1 x 2” Paint Brush


2 Litre Jug of Glue

StoneCo Padding Glue; this proven product is suitable for all types of padding applications

Padding Knife

The Lampson padding knife is moon shaped with wooden handle. Blade is extra thin ground.

Pad & Paper Counting Spoon

This 3" (maximum) adjustable Pad and Paper counter (also known as a counting spoon) with wooden handle allows you to mark equal distances and insert padding board into a pile of stock prior to gluing.

Padding Brush

Complete your job by apply padding glue with Sydney Stone's 2" bristle brush (not seen in picture).

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