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The ColorMax 7 Digital Color Printer uses the latest in inkjet technology to produce full-color output at three times the speed of traditional shuttle head printers, at one third the per-page cost. Its Memjet® print head has 70,400 ink nozzles and no moving parts, which offers higher speeds, lower ink and maintenance costs and less noise.

The ColorMax 7 produces full-color CMYK output, up to 16.8 million colors, on a variety of paper stocks and sizes, with full-bleed capability on media up to 8.5” wide. It can print 1600 x 1600 dpi at 6 inches per second, and 1600 x 800 dpi at 12 inches per second.

With its thermal inkjet technology, it doesn’t require heat or contact to create an image, so it can safely be used with pre-printed envelopes and windowed envelopes without damaging the window or marring the original image. High-capacity ink tanks and fully-automated print head cleaning ensure optimum print quality throughout print runs.


High speed colour printing on a variety of media letterhead, invitations, postage and barcodes, window/non-windowed envelopes, invoices

Full-colour inkjet with Memjet

Thermal technology speeds up to 7,500 #10 envelopes per hour

Fixed print head: a single 8.77" bar spanning the width of the printing surface

UP to 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution

Full-bleed capability up to 8.5: wide

High capacity ink tanks: Cyan 250ml, Magenta 250ml, Yellow 250ml, Black 500ml

Up to 16.8 million colours

Built in top load feeder

Pressure roller transport system with star rollers

TruType or Postscript system fonts

Automated print head maintenance system

USB and ethernet PC interface

Electronic firmware updates via PC Connection

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