OPP Soft-Touch Digistick Adhesive 1.2 MIL - 12.75" x 500' on 3" Core

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Derprosa OPP Soft-Touch Digi-Stick Adhesive 1.2 MIL - 12.75" x 500' 3" Core

DERPROSA SOFT TOUCH® ORIGINAL - OPP Soft-Touch Digi-Stick Adhesive 1.2 MIL - 12.75" x 500' on 3" Core


This Original Derprosa Soft Touch laminating film comes with the DigiStick adhesive which will stick to all manner of digitally printed output. Digi Stick is formulated and proven to stick to prints from Xerox and Canon and Konica Minolta and Ricoh print devices. Our customers have found the Soft-Touch Digi-Stick to stick to full coverage prints from these digital print engines. This roll is 11.75” wide and 2000 feet long and is on a 3” core. Derprosa is the leader in SoftTouch film development and the texture of this film SoftTouch offers an intensely smooth tactile effect that can be described as like touching velvet, or as soft as a rose petal. The texture conveys luxury and exclusivity. This OPP Soft Touch film can effectively used as a single sided laminating film if you have a de-curl mechanism on your laminator, you can also use this OPP Soft Touch film for double sided laminating on virtually all laminators. OPP laminating films are easy burst and because of this you can easily separate the sheets.

Sydney Stone is converting all our OPP laminating film rolls down from a master roll size to the convenient sizes that you require, we stock these convenient roll sizes and you can purchase as little as 1 roll at a time. Sydney Stone OPP laminating film is  .25” smaller than the sheet width to make your post laminating processes easier, laminating film will be inside the sheet edges but outside of your bleed. With these film sizes you will not need to trim laminate overhang after laminating. If you overlap the sheets on the infeed you will end up with 3 perfectly clean edges after laminating.


Special features

- SoftTouch film has a high dyne level – this dyne level means that this film can be print on top of, used as laminating film for Spot UV coating, used as laminating film for digital foiling (instafoil), the Soft Touch laminating film can be used for hot foil stamping and gluing and all types of post lamination processes.

- Deprosa Soft-Touch shows excellent clarity and will enhance your prints without changing the colour.

Typical applications

- SoftTouch can be used for hard and soft book covers

- Business card and post cards with the velvet touch are especially luxurious

- Soft Touch is a luxury Packing laminating film effectively used for electronics, perfumes, alcoholic beverages, jeweler and other luxury items and is sure to represent your brand well.

Colour: SoftTouch - Digital Adhesive
Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Length: 2
Manufacturer: Derprosa
Pitch: 3\ core
Sheet Capacity: 5 sheets
Size: 11.75\
Type: OPP

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