OPP Premium Gloss 1.5 MIL - 18.75" x 3280' on 3" Core

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D&K GLOSS - OPP Premium Gloss laminating film 1.5mil, 18.75" x 3280' on 3" Core

D&K GLOSS - OPP Premium Gloss laminating film 1.5mil, 18.75" x 3280' on 3" Core

This D&K Gloss Premium OPP laminating film is manufactured by D & K Group based in Chicago USA. This Gloss OPP film provides a clear and beautiful finish to your printed pieces, the “wet” look allows for excellent image clarity.

This OPP film can be used for single and double-sided applications. OPP Gloss laminating film has dry erase (write on/ wipe off) properties. OPP films fold well and are softer and more economical than polyester (PET) laminating films This roll of laminating film is 18.75” wide and 3280 feet long, on a 3” core.

Sydney Stone is converting all our OPP laminating film rolls down from a master roll size to the convenient sizes that you require, we stock these convenient roll sizes and you can purchase as little as 1 roll at a time.

Sydney Stone OPP laminating film is .25” smaller than the sheet width to make your post laminating processes easier, laminating film will be inside the sheet edges but outside of your bleed. With these film sizes you will not need to trim laminate overhang after laminating. If you overlap the sheets on the infeed you will end up with 3 perfectly clean edges after laminating.

Special features 

D&K OPP Premium Gloss laminating film is a copolymer film that is economical and effective on a wide range of print types

- Excellent optical clarity without distorting the image in any way Typical applications

- D&K Gloss OPP laminating film is suitable for single side and double side applications.

- Polypropylene (OPP) films are easily foldable

- Suitable for dry erase – wipe on / wipe off – applications

Colour: Gloss
Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Length: 3
Manufacturer: D&K
Pitch: 3\ core
Size: 18.75\
Type: OPP

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