Morgana FSN II Air Feed Rotary Numbering Machine


The Morgana FSN II rotary numbering machine offers state-of-the-art design, rugged construction and stand-alone operation

The Morgana FSN features...

The Morgana FSN rotary numbering machine rotary action delivers tremendous productivity gains because numbering, perforating, scoring or slitting can be accomplished without the sheet stopping. Plus you are assured of sequential numbering because the machines will not cycle until the sheets or sets are presented to the machine. This is a Vacuum suction feed machine.


   •  9,000 letter size sheets an hour

   •  Up to 5 perforating blades at one time

   •  Up to 8 heads can be mounted at one time

   •  Up to 18.1" x 18.1" sheet size

   •  Up to 7 part NCR

   •  Vacuum Suction Feed

   •  Adjustable platen pressure

   •  Heavy duty high capacity operation

   •  Load on the run

Typical Applications

   •  Tickets

   •  Tags

   •  NCR

   •  Booklet covers

Why buy? For business owners

The Morgana FSN is an easy setup,  easy use machine that is built to last. With more than 20 years of history here in Canada these units are legendary for their long service and low maintenance/ consumable cost.

All Morgana numbering machines use a rotary numbering action. The operating principles are similar to those used on litho presses. Point contact ensures superb quality on single sheets and unmatched definition when crashing through multi-part sets. Simple adjustment to the platen pressure compensates for varying stock thicknesses. Morgana numberers feature adjustable numbering position whilst the machines are in operation. Numbering, perforating, scoring or slitting can be accomplished in ONE pass through the machine and without the sheets stopping.

Why buy? For the operator

The FSN provides quick setup and easy operation. Perforate and number at high speeds with unbeatable quality.

Colour: Grey
Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Electrical: 220v60hz
Manufacturer: Morgana

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