Mohr 80 PLUS


Mohr 80 Plus

Key Features

  • Process visualization for the graphical display of the material handling to minimize the risk of errors
  • Machine frame with optimized stability for optimum absorption of cutting forces and greatest cutting accuracy
  • Minimal maintenance requirements due to the use of novel materials
  • Optional Barcode reader for automatic cutting program creation and loading of the assigned program via Compucut®

The operation of the machine is done via an ergonomically positioned 18.5’’ touch-screen display. Recurring cutting sequences can be memorized (memory capacity 1,998 programs) and adapted at any time. Integrated in the digital workflow the cutting data is taken over directly from pre-press into Compucut® as ppf- or jdf-file. Then Compucut® generates automatically the cutting program. To start the cutting program automatically the machine is equipped with a barcode reader. Hence, the set-up time can be reduced to nearly zero. With the process visualization the handling of the material is displayed graphically and so the risk of errors significantly downsized.

Mohr 80 PLUS
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