Matrix 530 Single-Sided Automatic Laminator


Matrix laminators will do the entire job from start to gloss. Suitable for both digital and litho output and available in a 13” and 19.6” widths, they are the best value single sided laminators on the market. With a unique programmable sheet register and overlap, laminated work is delivered with no overhang and ready for the paper cutter or next finishing process.

How to foil and spot coat with your Matrix laminator... (optional motorized wind up required)
Features & Benefits

     • Paper Thickness: 135-450 GSM 

     • Max Laminating Film Width: 19.5”

     • Maximum Sheet Width: 21.5”

     • Optional Air-feeder

Why Buy?

A unique anti curl preset system that works in sync with the control panel is employed to ensure whatever you laminate, - a menu, a bookcover or a sheet of business cards – they will come out smooth and flat with no curl or uplift. Matrix systems are incredibly cost-effective, meaning you can now truly offer a one-stop shop for your customers.

With the purchase of a Matrix laminator, you can avoid the costly trips and set-up costs of outsourcing. This will enable you to increase the service you offer and cut your expenses.

Colour: Grey
Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Electrical: 220-240V / 15 Amp / 1 Phase

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